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Residential and Commercial Heat Pump Solution.

Heat pumps have received considerable attention in recent years. Since their introduction in the early 50′s they have undergone considerable development and changes. Improvements to the hardware, modifications and development of new cycles and extensive scientific and technical studies have given significant boost to these devices. Heat pumps have also found a variety of applications from stand-alone systems, to solar assisted heat pump, to waste-heat recovery systems.

MOMMLEY solar energy systems can also be combined with heat pumps for domestic water heating or space saving. In residential heating, the solar energy system can be used in parallel with a heat pump, which supplies auxiliary energy when the sun is not available. Additionally, for domestic water systems requiring high water temperatures, a heat pump can be placed in series with the solar storage tank.

A heat pump is a device that pumps heat from a low-temperature source to a higher-temperature sink. Heat pumps are usually vapor compression refrigeration machines, where the evaporator can take heat into the system at low temperatures and the condenser can reject heat from the system at high temperatures. In the heating mode, a heat pump delivers thermal energy from the condenser for space heating and can be combined with solar heating. In the cooling mode, the evaporator extracts heat from the air to be conditioned and rejects heat from the condenser to the atmosphere, with solar energy not contributing to the energy for cooling.

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