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BLCD Led Lights

At MOMMLEY, we all know that energy efficient ceiling fans are considered to be a great option to save energy and money, while these are an environment friendly option available in the market. MOMMLEY approved energy saver ceiling fan is capable of maximizing small amount of energy into required energy to ensure the highest air delivery. It is effectively operational under lower energy setting that it sustains its functionality even on lower voltage of 140 V. Equipped with BLDC motor, energy saver ceiling fan can help you to save up to 60% energy consumption thus reducing your hefty electricity bills.

MOMMLEY approved energy saver ceiling fans come with remote control facility that doubles hour of operation even on inverter. With a sweep of 1200 mm, these ceiling fans provide 320 RPM air throw by consuming 32 watt power only. There are various colours available from which you can choose.

MOMMLEY Led and Induction Lights

The residential LED basket from MOMMLEY, is the new lifestyle creation solution. The LED lighting and Induction Lightings focuses on energy-saving and reliable lighting that protects homes and lives from electrical hazards. The aim is to create industrial lighting with reduced energy costs, and minimum environmental impact. MOMMLEY showcases high-efficiency industrial range providing a sustainable solution on cost-saving.

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