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Swimming Pool Heating Solution.

Solar Pool Heating is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective pool heating system on the market. It falls into two categories;

  • 1) Solar Matting System
  • 2) Rigid Panel System

Installed on the roof, both of these systems use the suns energy to transfer direct heat from the sun, circulating pool water and returning it back to the pool at an increased temperature.

Solar Matting System

The Solar Matting System involves pumping pool water through a series of tubes within a panel, known as a solar collector. These panels are positioned on the roof where they can best collect sunlight. The suns free energy then heats the circulating water and returns it to the pool at an elevated temperature. This temperature is pre-set by the pool owner via an automatic digital controller.


  • Eco-friendly with sustainable energy from the sun
  • Low maintenance and running costs
  • Durability and long life with no internal wiring, controls, circuits or moving parts solar pool heating is highly durable
  • Easy to operate and highly effective
  • Simplistic design

Rigid Panel System

Rigid Panel Systems are similar to Solar Matting in that the same plumbing and controller is used to operate the system. Where they differ is in their heating tube design. While solar matting has flexible heating tubes, Rigid panel systems as their name suggests, use panels of rigid heating tubes.

Rigid Panel Systems are modular in design, which appeals to a large market. They have a wide range of panel sizes to suit almost any roof shape for greater coverage and heat output. Rigid panels can be installed on metal and tiled roofs with drill-free options available to suit most roof tiles.

  • Rigid Panel Systems are extremely tough and durable
  • Manufactured in Australia using high-grade materials including UV stabilised co-polypropylene, glass filled co-polypropylene and silicon. This safeguards against bird attack, hail damage, UV exposure and extreme winds.
  • Better for steep roof areas where solar matting can be challenging to install
  • Aesthetically pleasing from the street

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